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Roosa Corporation is a regional development company specializing in retail and power center development. Our expertise in shopping center development has led the way for our growth throughout the north east. Roosa Corporation owns and manages more than 15 properties in 4 states. Our success comes from our ability to recognize and develop prime locations. Roosa Corporation with its roots and background in retail is able to work with its tenant's for the best possible designs, locations and budgets to enable its tenant to succeed in the competitive market place.

As your business grows your business needs grow as well. Roosa Corporation is a developer with the experience to help your business grow while helping to control the rising costs of that growth. With this in mind Roosa Corporation offers a variety of services to help meet the ever changing needs for business development and growth.

If your business is in need of retail, office or warehouse space or you require a land lease, a free standing building or an entire corporate headquarters we can provide your company a variety of options to meet almost any budget. We offer a wide variety of architectural options and provide the best possible locations.

Since 1985 we have been providing uncompromised customer satisfaction through professional service, diversity of product and a commitment to excellence. Our staffs of construction, leasing and management professionals understand your satisfaction is our greatest concern. From your initial contact with our company, it is our goal to make sure we do everything in our power to ensure your companies success. From lease negotiations through property management, we strive on building long term business relationships. We have proven this with companies in Arkansas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut and we stand ready to work for you as well.

Roosa Corporations portfolio of properties includes shopping centers, office buildings, residential properties, and apartments. With properties in Arkansa, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, Roosa Corporation is continuing to expand and look for further opportunities.


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