About the Counter Release System

BRB Counter Release Systems

Get paid for all the targets that are released with a counter system that is priced for everyone, not only the wealthiest clubs. The cost of this incredibly simple to use system has been kept to a minimum by removing the unwanted, and often unused, functions found on other more expensive counters.

- Semi Wireless
- Fully Wireless
- Tally Trap Counter

Realistically tiered pricing makes for a large initial cost saving with the purchase of a wired or semi wired system.

▪ EQUIPMENT:- No computer hardware or operating skills required by the club or the shooter
- No complicated programs to learn or follow
- No programming updates required

Instead, the BRB Counter employs a separate clubhouse Console, designed with simplicity in mind, for count programming and tracking usage. The count is loaded onto our unique, physically connected, customer controlled Dongle, to eliminate the potential for data corruption or modification associated with cards and card-readers.

Superior secure communication for the wireless systems is by use of our TX-101 and RX-101 handheld Transmitter and Receiver hardware.

▪ FEATURES:- Counts up or down
- Solo mode, with audible countdown before release
- Control 1, 2, 3, or 4 traps for Trap, Skeet, or Sporting Clays, depending on model selection
- Voice release options via lapel microphone or full-size mic on stand
- Skeet units supplied with an optional Skeet Timer

▪ SECURITY:- The club easily programs each Dongle with a specific Ground ID that will not work at another club.

▪ OPERATION: - Larger, easy-to-read displays keep you informed of the count.

▪ POWER:- 120V ac or 12V dc for the wired units, an external 12V battery for the wireless units or a 12V BRB Power Pack with optional solar charging.
- Our Tally unit is powered from your existing Trap system and so does not require the purchase of any additional power source. Just plug into your existing equipment and go!

▪ NO RISK: - Trials available with no obligation to buy.

Semi-wireless Counter Release System

Clubhouse Console

Counter System Dongles

Tally Trap Counter for use with BRB or
Canterbury Voice Release Systems