Club Registration form.

This is an annual form to be submitted to the region office. Please remember to renew your member registration and your club adminstrators member registration before submitting this form so that you can again be affiliated with your club.

Event system deadline for uploads every Monday, 5PM. Check out the Club Director's Page!

Transfers of membership into KRVA or out of KRVA to another region must be approved. If you are a junior player and are joining a bordering region's club (IREVA, WEVA, OVR, CHRVA, GEVA) you are eligible for a transfer to that region to play for one of their clubs or if you have physically moved to another region you are also eligible for a transfer.

Please contact

KRVA Membership Fees 2012

Junior Player $52

Jr Player Tryout $15 

Officials $32

Event Staff $42

Chaperone $42 

Adult Player $32

Collegiate Player $15

Adult w/Jr Program $52

Note: Adult w/Jr Probram includes the following:

  • -Club Director (Jr Clubs)
  • -Club Administrator
  • -Coach/Assist Coach
  • -Team Representative
  • -Tournament Director
  • -Site Director


        Business Office 2442 Saddlebrook Rd., McCungie, PA 18062 Office 610-401-3362 Commissioner 610-737-6944