Scorekeeper Leadership Scorekeeper Chairperson Alan Sowa Elected: 2009 Term Ends: 2012 Clinic & Test Links The Region is planning on using an on-line scorekeeper clinic or some other form of instruction for those individuals pursuing provisional and higher level certification and who are required to complete a clinic. Also, the Region continues to use the on-line scorekeeper test for those who need to take the test. Click on the appropriate link below. The paper version of the scorekeeper test A is provided only for those rare instances where it is needed. The paper version though titled for 2009-2010 is also for 2010-2011. Email the completed answer sheet to If you are required to take the scorekeeper test, you are to complete the on-line test unless notified to do otherwise. These on-line clinics and tests are not for junior club instruction. The junior club scorekeeper representatives will use powerpoint presentations and other materials to instruct "live". NOT FOR JUNIOR SCOREKEEPERS ON-LINE Scorekeeper CLINIC USAV Scorekeeper POWERPOINT Presentation ON-LINE Scorekeeper TEST The Password is KEM988s Paper Version USAV Scorekeeper TEST A Can Be Used in Place of On-Line Test Answer Sheet USAV Scorekeeper TEST A


Certifications & Requirements The certification requirements for scorekeepers can be found by clicking on the appropriate link below. If you are a scorekeeper-only official, then this information is for you. If you are looking for scorekeeping requirements as part of your referee certification, then this information is a guide -- your scorekeeping requirements are listed with your referee requirements found on the referee page. NOT FOR JUNIOR SCOREKEEPERS PROVISIONAL Scorekeeper REGIONAL Scorekeeper USAV JUNIOR NATIONAL Scorekeeper USA NATIONAL Scorekeeper SCOREKEEPING FORMS & OTHER PAPERWORK Click on the appropriate link. KRVA Scorekeeper CERTIFICATION PROGRESS Form KRVA Scorekeeper RATING Form USAV Scorekeeper MATERIALS 2009-2011 Domestic Competition Regulations
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