Officials Leadership

Referee Chairperson

Mike McPoyle
Elected: 2011; Term Ends: 2014

Scorekeeper Chairperson

Alan Sowa
Elected: 2009; Term Ends: 2012

Officials Committee

Michael McPoyle - Co-Chairperson
Alan Sowa - Co-Chairperson
Robert Regetta - Assignor
Joe Hardiman - Western Representative
James Esteves - Member-At-Large
Michael Albright - Director of Recruitment For Referees
Neal Kenzakowski - Director of Development For Referees
TBA - Director of Training For Junior 2nd Referees
Roy Benasaraf - Director of Development For Scorekeepers
Phil Hornberger - Director of Training For Junior
Scorekeepers Committee Meetings TBA

List of 2011-2012 Certified Referees



Referee Requirements Highlights New Provisional Referees and all Player Referees do not have any scorekeeper certification requirements. 2nd Year Provisional Referees must certify as a Provisional Scorekeeper. Regional Referees must certify as a Regional Scorekeeper. Provisional Referees are rated every year to recertify. Recertifying Regional referees do not need to attend a referee clinic this season. Regional Referees are rated every THIRD (3rd) year to recertify -- this is NEW. Regional Referees whose last name begins with A through G were rated in the 2012-2013 season. Regional Referees whose last name begins with H through P will be rated in this 2013-2014 season. Regional Referees whose last name begins with Q through Z will be rated in the 2011-2012 season. The three year cycle will then repeat.
Certifications & Requirements

The certification requirements for referees can be found by clicking on the appropriate link below.  Your scorekeeping requirements are listed with your referee requirements.  If you are presently a NFHS or PAVO official and are interest in becoming a USAV official, contact the Referee Chairperson at for possible reciprocity of certification levels and a more expedited process.


Click on the appropriate link.

 On-Line Referee Clinic
 On-Line Scorekeeper Clinic
 On-Line Testing

Password for Referee Tests:   KEM994

Password for Scorekeeper Test:  KEM994S


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