KRVA High Performance Program


Greg Lockley
(High Performance Chair)

ELECTED TERM:  2012-2015 (July) 


High Performance Program

2012 HP Program is Revving up

Planning for the 2012 HP season is underway. If you are an experienced coach who is interested in serving as an HP head coach, asst. coach, tryout evaluator, tryout court coach, or HP camp support, please contact KRVA HP Program Director Howard Vernick at

Girls' Program Update
Tryout Session I - April 14, 2012, York Toyota Center in conjuction with the KRVA Bid Tournament. 
7:30-9:30 PM (check back for schedule updates)

Tryout Session II - May 12, 2012, Harrisburg Farmshow Complex in conjunction with the KRVA Regional Championships. 
7:30-9:30 PM (check back for schedule updates)

Boys' Program Update (1/10/12)
Tryout Session I - February 25, 2012, Millersville University
In conjunction with Regional Championships Weekend
Student Memorial Center Gym (SMC)
7:30-9:30 PM (check back for schedule updates)
21 S. George St., Millersville, PA

Tryout Session II - May 11, 2012, Harrisburg Farm Show Complex.
In conjunction with the Girls Regional Championships
7-9 PM

A downloadable tryout registration forms can be obtained by clickin on the following link:
2012 HP Tryout Application

Boys' HP Team Coaches for 2012
HP Head Coach
Jay Hosack, Asst. Mens' Coach - Penn State University, has informed KRVA that he will be unable to serve as head coach coach this year, however he will be directing the boys' camp. The HP Committee is in a search for a replacement for the boys' team coaching staff.

2012 HP Camp
Bob Bertucci, Head Coach Lehigh University and former head coach for Temple University will be directing the girls' camp. 

Jay Hosack, Asst. Men's Coach at Penn State University will be directing the boys' camp. 

Dates for the 2012 HP Camp are:
4:00 PM Friday, June 15 through Noon Sunday, June 17 at Lock Haven University.

The KRVA HP Camp will not conflict with AAU or JNC which are as follows:
AAU National Championship - June 19-27 for girls and June 21-24 for boys.
USAV Junior National Championship - June 28 - July 7

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