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As additional value for your KRVA membership, we have entered into a relationship with a large buying alliance that will offer discounted prices on balls, uniforms, shoes & equipment with most of the major manufacturers. The prices are available for bulk purchases only and are not available to individuals. Payments are required upon order through debit or credit cards. You can order for your teams and choose how much of the savings to pass along to individual members. Hope this saves you money and provides access to some quality products. Insurance certificate request forms While we are trying to keep the turn around time for certificates to a minimum, please be aware that it may take up to 10 business days to process and return the certificate to the applicant. Event System Uploads Every Monday at 5PM is the cutoff for information from Webpoint to be uploaded to the event system. This is for region team activations, authorized region clubs and region memberships. Please make sure that your payments and paperwork is in on time.


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