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TX-101 Advanced Digital Transmitter

Built to professional use standards, but priced for the individual shooter, this unit boasts:

▪ SECURE COMMUNICATION-128 channels, using a different frequency at each shooting stand, means no interference between neighboring fields.

▪ RANGE - Exceptional 500 yard range.

▪ QUALITY - A heavy duty protective rubber boot encases a tough ABS enclosure + stainless steel water/vandal proof switches.

▪ GREATER VERSATILITY- Controls 1-4 traps. 14 user selectable modes and button layout options allow use in Trap, Sporting, Super Sporting, Quad Sporting, Skeet etc.

▪ POWER - Auto wake and shut down, coupled with 4AA batteries make for the longest battery life available. 1,000,000 button releases.

▪ MANUAL + VOICE RELEASE - Supplied with a durable, metal bodied, lapel microphone that automatically sets the unit to voice operated mode when plugged in.

▪ FEATURES: - Internal microphone for user selectable report release
- Instant true pairs.
- Variable timed following pairs.
- Voice Release 'HOLD' feature. No need to arm each shot.
- Skeet - American & International delay modes.
- Available with a full size microphone and stand for Voice Release use.

TX-101 Transmitter Unit $160

TX-101 Transmitter+ RX-101 Receiver $280

TX-101 Transmitter+2 RX-101 Receivers $395

Mic + Stand + TX-101 Bracket $100

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