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Wireless Voice Release Counter

This counter system has been designed specifically for use with our Wireless Trap, Wireless Skeet and Wireless Overlay equipment. Full wireless capability is achieved by using our proven TX-101 Wireless Transmitter hardware. The secure link between the counter and wireless voice release incorporates the ability to use a different frequency at each stand, eliminating cross calls.

▪ FEATURES- Controls 1 or 2 traps for Trap or Skeet
- Counts up or down in
- Preload rounds of 25 or individual target versions
- Wireless Trap and Voice Release connection
- Advanced interference resistant protocol
- Supplied with 5 dongles per unit


The Console is used for loading, zeroing out and checking Dongle count, as well as changing the club ground ID if needed.

Power is via a plug-in power supply included in the cost.

▪ FEATURES- Only 1 required per club irrespective of how many systems owned or model type.
- So simple to operate that any team member will be an expert in minutes.