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RX-101 Advanced Digital Receiver

The RX-101 receiver has been designed for use with the TX-101 Transmitter and BRB wireless counter products and can operate any auto trap.

▪ SECURITY-This unit incorporates 128 channels of different frequencies to safeguard against cross calls and interference

▪ ECONOMICAL -Capable of operating 2 traps or 1 trap. Costs can be reduced by purchasing half the number of receivers

▪ POWER-Available in 12Vdc, 120Vac and 240Vac without the need to purchase a separate wall mounted transformer.
-Just specify at time of order

▪ FEATURES: -Selectable standard and fast trap cocking modes
-2 antenna options:

- 1 -Standard rubberized antenna

- 2 -Corded exterior magnetic mount for tough locations

RX-101 Advanced Digital
Receiver $135

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